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Wellness and Reablement Best Practice Forum A state wide event showcasing best practice in wellness and reablement with practical ideas and strategies to implement and measure their effectiveness. 03/05/2018
Carer Gateway Need help finding the right advice, services and support? 03/05/2018
Integrated Carer Support Service Share your thoughts on the Integrated Carer Support Service Regional Delivery Model The Australian Government is committed to supporting and sustaining the vital work of unpaid carers. 03/05/2018
2018 Conference - CALDWays CALDWays 2018 will equip you with the latest research and skills for employing, retaining and communicating with employees from diverse cultural backgrounds. 03/05/2018
RSL LifeCare at Home RSL LifeCare is a multi-award winning charitable organisation that was formed in 1911 to provide care and service to war veterans. From small beginnings providing care and service to just a handful of war veterans, the organisation has grown to be one of the largest senior living services in Australia, now providing that same level of care and services to ALL Australians. 03/05/2018
Aged and Community Care DVA provides a variety of in-home and community support programmes focused on assisting you to continue living independently by supporting your health, well being, and community connection. 03/05/2018
The Veterans’ Supplement in Home Care The Veterans’ Supplement in home care, introduced on 1 August 2013, provides additional funding for veterans with a mental health condition accepted by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) as related to their service. The Veterans’ Supplement provides an extra 10 per cent funding on top of the basic subsidy amount for the relevant Home Care Package level for eligible care recipients. 03/05/2018
Silver Rainbow LGBTI Ageing and Age Care Silver Rainbow provides national coordination and support activities promoting the well-being of LGBTI elders and the ongoing delivery of the LGBTI awareness training to the aged care sector. 03/05/2018
LGBTI Resources Carers NSW Carers in the LGBTI community can face particular challenges in their caring roles because of invisibility, discrimination or exclusion. Carers NSW recognises that every caring situation is unique and supports all carers regardless of age, culture, sexuality or gender. 03/05/2018
LGBTI - Dementia Australia Find videos and information for LGBTI people with dementia. 03/05/2018
Integrated Carer Support Service On 5 March 2018, the Australian Government announced funding of an additional $85.6 million over four years for the introduction of new services for carers. 10/04/2018
My Aged Care Learning Environment The department has engaged CIT Solutions to build a single platform for all My Aged Care training. 10/04/2018
Information for Aged Care Providers Issue 2018/4 10/04/2018
The Ageing Agenda Flat half-yearly results for listed aged care providers 10/04/2018
New collaboration focuses on community, industry engagement to grow services A regional aged care provider is bringing together national influencers and local businesses to strengthen collaboration and improve service growth and employment opportunities. 22/03/2018
Information for Aged Care Providers ISSUE 2018/03 22/03/2018
World Elder Abuse Awareness Day Community Activities 15 June 2018 The United Nations has designated the 15th June of every year as World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD). Across the world, communities come together on this date as a call-to-action for individuals, organisations and communities to raise awareness about elder abuse. Sadly, even in individuals own homes some older people are not safe from abusive behavior. This provides a disturbing view of how older people are valued in society. 22/03/2018
Australian Ageing Agenda Join us and other 'thought leaders' at the International Dementia Conference. 22/03/2018
My Aged Care system release The next My Aged Care system release is scheduled for 26th February 2018. 01/03/2018
Information for Aged Care Providers Issue 2018/2 01/03/2018